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TitleYearIMDb RatingRole
Square Pegs19876.8Patty Rusky
Beetlejuice19887.7Lydia Deetz
Heathers19897.3Veronica Sawyer
Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael19906.1Dinky Bossetti
Mermaids19906.8Charlotte Flax
Edward Scissorhands19908.0Kim Boggs
Night on Earth19917.5Corky
Bram Stoker’s Dracula19927.4Mina Harker
The Age of Innocence19938.1May Welland (Nominated – Academy Award for Best Actress)
Little Women19947.7Jo March (Nominated – Academy Award for Best Actress)
Reality Bites19946.8Lelaina Pierce
How to Make an American Quilt19957.1Finn Dodd
The Crucible19967.5Abigail Williams
Alien Resurrection19976.2Annalee Call
Celebrity19986.1Noelle Oliver
Girl, Interrupted19997.6Susanna Kaysen (Executive Producer)
Autumn in New York20005.2Charlotte Fielding
Zoolander20016.1Alexandra Ambrosio (Cameo)
Simone20025.2Nicola Anders
The Good Girl20027.0Dorothy / Justine
S1m0ne20025.2Nicola Anders
The Iceman20026.6Kitty French
Lilya 4-ever20027.2Voice of Caitlin (English version)
Owning Mahowny20036.6Dawn Langley
The Stepford Wives20045.3Joanna Eberhart
When the Leaves Fall20056.1Abby Fox
Stay20056.7Lila Culpepper
A Scanner Darkly20067.2Donna Hawthorne
The Darwin Awards20065.2Siri Taylor
Star Trek20098.0Amanda Grayson
Black Swan20108.7Beth / Nina Sayers
The Dilemma20115.6Geneva Backman
The Iceman20125.6Maggie White
Frankenweenie20127.4Susan Frankenstein (Voice)
The Informers20095.9Cheryl Laine
The Iceman20125.6Maggie White
Oz the Great and Powerful20136.3Glinda the Good Witch
Homefront20136.5Cassie Bowden
Labor Day20136.8Kate Wheeler
Nightcrawler20147.8Nina Bloom
The Winter Soldier20147.8Alexandra Pierce
Experimenter20156.8Claire Milgram
Beetlejuice 22018 N/ALydia Deetz


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